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How to start makeup

A woman applying makeup

I want to start dressing more but I’m getting threatened whenever I go to beauty halls in department stores. How do I know where to start?

Melanie, via e-mail


I feel your pain, Melanie, I really do. I never makeup myself, but, as my mid-30s climbing inevitable closer, I find myself really. However, as you say, there is such a glut of stuff out there, many of which seem to be horribly expensive for the small bottle, all with ridiculous names sound like a random selection course from than the actual product, such as « High Definition Serum Foundation Capture Total ».


Worse, it seems that once you get a product down pat-colored eyes, said that the industry then that you need at least four other products to make that thing work better such as eye primer, powder, mousse eyes and eye creams. Honestly, sometimes it feels it’d be cheaper and easier to be a drug addict, and at least you will not have to work to get the smoky eye look (guardian Disclaimer: do not become a drug addict).


Also, another problem for me is that I’m lazy. There are mornings when it is a miracle that I managed to brush my teeth, so I looked at the woman on the train working a full look flicky liquid eyeliner at 8:30 with other surprised if not for folk who announced they are running a marathon (or run dot Seriously, why run, unless there is a fire).


On top of that, my handwriting is hard to read long been suggested to me that if I tried liquid eyeliner flicky it would result in my face like a Jackson Pollock painting than any something remotely Bardot-esque.


However, as I said, I’ve recently been really. I still do not like to mess up in the morning (I like to spend my time over breakfast stab myself in the eye with a pencil), I still do not like the makeup that makes me look too made up and I ‘will never makeup every day (life is too short), but I’ve found some things that even I can just about manage.


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